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Globe Thrivers is the first-ever NFT collection bringing together those with a passion for travel and authentic, luxury travel experiences. Members of this community will have access to travel itineraries, a network of reliable recommendations, discounts for a variety of services in the travel space, and more.

Welcome to our Travel Community
When buying a Globe Thriver NFT, it’s so much more than just owning a piece of art. When you gain membership access, you reap the benefits below which will grow more over time.
9,999 Provably-rare Globe Thriver tokens
Fair Launch & distribution: Public Mint is 0.12 ETH
Ownership and commercial usage rights given to the consumer over their NFT
Travel Portal: A members only travel recommendation board
Gain additional benefits through roadmap activations
Access & benefits for a variety of services in the travel sector
The Artwork
Each Globe is unique and programmatically generated from over 50 possible traits and 3 different sides of the world, including world monuments, nature, modes of voyage, and more.
The globes are stored as ERC-721A tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Purchasing a globe costs 0.12 ETH (unless you are on the whitelist). Every Globe is unique and true to an individual's perspective on the world, but some are rarer than others.
Travel Portal
The Globe Thrivers Travel Portal is your hub for tailor-made itineraries and recommendations from the community for everything from restaurants to activities, hotels, and more.
Our in-house team will kick off the hub with a library of our own recommendations, based on both personal and professional experience. Going forward, the hub will become your go-to comprehensive and collaborative one-stop travel resource.
Imagine a reliable, crowd-sourced reviews site for all things travel. No ads, no fake reviews — just real recommendations from like minded people around the world.
Experiences Roadmap
The more successful our community is, the more benefits we all unlock!
Meet The Team
We are proud to be female-founded.
Graphic Designer
Community Manager
Community Manager
Shir has been working in the AI-tech space for 4 years managing strategic partnerships and business development initiatives. She has always had a passion for travel and even had a lifestyle blog for a few years throughout college. She has always wanted to create a community of like-minded individuals in the travel space and with the rise of Web 3.0 it felt like the perfect opportunity! This collection is a combination of her 2 passions: Travel & Tech.
Gai Sher is senior counsel in the Innovation and Technology practice group at Greenspoon Marder LLP with lots of experience advising companies in the Web 3 space!
Arielle has 4 years experience in the luxury concierge and travel industry, managing partnerships with different luxury providers around the world. She is always looking into new luxury travel experiences for her clients, friends, and community. With the steady growth of Web 3.0 and the comeback of travel, she is looking to take the travel community to the next level: Web 3.0.
Eli is an experienced Art Director & Graphic Designer with many years experience working in the animation industry. When Shir and Arielle approached him with the project, he instantly knew it was a special one that he wanted to get involved with because of his own passion for travel as well (and the cool artwork)!
Dean is a Jack of all Trades in a spiffy suit. He has been involved in the Crypto space since 2014, and in the NFT/Metaverse Space for >7 months. Throughout the course of his time in NFTs, he has played important roles in multiple projects as a whale investor, Community Engagement Manager, Collab Manager, Corporate Sponsorship and Outreach Coordinator, and the Head of Communications for both established, and alpha development projects. He has been fortunate to travel the world, live in 5 different countries, and hopes to add more to his list as he grows and expands! He jumped onto the Globe Thrivers Team as soon as the opportunity presented itself, and hasn't looked back since!
Meghan is an experienced Cyber Security professional by trade, with an additional background in Marketing and Project Development. Splashing into the Web3 space in both management, and Community Outreach roles of multiple other NFT Projects, Meghan brings a wealth of knowledge that even the most experienced traveler would find useful! Due to her hectic work life (and her cat), Meghan is living her travel dreams through the eyes of Globe Thrivers!
How many Globes will be created?
We are creating 9,999 Globes. 500 will be held back for marketing, team members, and others.
How much does a Globe Thriver NFT cost?
We want to reward our loyal followers and early adopters; therefore, the VIP-sale price will be2 days prior to the public mint and Pre-Sale will be 2 day prior. This will ensure our community guarantees a Globe.
How many Globes can I mint at one time?
2 Globes per wallet.
What blockchain will Globe Thrivers be on?
Globe Thrivers will be on the ERC-721A blockchain.
When will I be able to purchase a Globe Thrivers NFT?
The mint (VIP, Pre, and Public) will be in the summer. Exact dates will be shared soon.
How many people can be on the Pre-Sale whitelist?
800 spots are available.
How do I get on the whitelist?
Our Community Managers will be hosting a variety of competitions and giveaways for you all to get a chance to win a whitelist spot. Whitelist spots will also be given to engaged community members who are promoting us on social media, engaged in our Discord Community by networking with others, sharing travel tips and recommendations, and more!
How long after I purchase a Globe Thriver NFT will I have to wait for the reveal?
24 hours after the Public Mint!
Where can I view my NFT after minting? 
Your Globe will be available in your crypto wallet and on your OpenSea profile.
Where can I buy/sell a Globe Thriver NFT on the Secondary market? 
All secondary sales will be on OpenSea.
When will the Travel Portal be ready?
The Travel Portal is a big development project that we've already begun the Discovery & Scope for with an incredible Web 3 development agency. We are working very hard to roll it out as fast as possible while making the most user-friendly experience for our community! It is projected to take a couple of months; we will announce the month upon our roadmap reveal.
What is Discord and what will I get from being a part of that community?
Discord is an instant messaging platform (similar to a Whatsapp group) although allows for a more organized layout with different channels and information! Being part of the Discord community will give you access to network with like-minded individuals and specific channels dedicated to travel recommendations, tips, and stories from your peers. 
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